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Our permit authorizes us to discharge up to 52 MGD in phases by way of a private 13-mile pipeline from the treatment facility to the Houston Ship Channel. Our permit is on our website for you to view.

You can be assured we hire the best staff to run the state-of-the-art treatment systems at Cahaba Water Recycling & Reclamation LLLP. They've over 60 years of combined experience in wastewater treatment.

If you've questions about your industrial or municipal waste, contact our facility. We can treat any contaminated water - enabling it to be safely released back into the environment.



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Municipal, Commercial, and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Welcome to Cahaba Water Recycling and Reclamation LLLP. We provide commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment services in Houston, TX. Our permit authorizes us to discharge up to 52 MGD in phases through a private 13 mile pipeline, which runs from the treatment facility to the Houston Ship Channel.


Water Sustainability

At Cahaba Water Recycling & Reclamation, LLLP, we are committed to ensuring clean water now and for future generations. We are passionate about responsible water cleaning and treatment, so it can be safely returned to the water supply system.

We provide municipal, industrial, and commercial wastewater treatment services for any contaminated water. Our facility processes water for metal products and machinery, nonferrous metals, organic chemicals, streams subject to waste, plastics facilities, soap manufacturing, paint and ink formulating, transportation cleaning facilities, and steam electric power facilities.


Our Expert Team

You can rest assured that your waste water disposal will be handled by specialists. Our state of the art water treatment systems are run by highly trained and experienced technicians. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience providing wastewater treatment services.


We assist commercial and industrial facilities and municipalities in making the best water treatment choices for their specific requirements. Please browse our website to read more about our water recycling and water reclamation services in the Houston, area and contact our facility at 281-786-4216 with any questions.